A week for "Plan B" 's

A "Plan B" will not be necessary for My Elmont (wet blocking showed the sleeve will work as is). So, with it being much closer to completion than Daelyn it "wins" the  "what will I knit next" lottery.

I'd love to have it done to take along to London at the end of the month when we go to see Number One Son. We'll see how things go this week then I'll know better.

These felted slippers, knit in Briggs and Little Country Roving a couple of weeks ago do need a "Plan B"...

They were HUGE to start with. Machine felting (many trips through the washer and dryer) did shrink them but not enough to fit me and I think they're about as small as they're going to go.

So Plan B will be to find bigger feet for them. My Beloved's might do the trick. 'Hard to say just yet because they've dried into pretty wonky shapes so I'll need to wet them again and get them to dry in the shape of a shoe and then we'll make the call.


The "Gift for the Girls" Blanket (A whole Plan B project) is feeling like its suddenly gone from looking like a scarf to the beginnings of a nice sized throw.

These knits, the task of nailing down travel knitting and a plan for shopping at Loop if I manage to make it there while in London are my knitting list for the week. What are you up to?

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