"Camp Out Fingerless Mitts" by tante ehm FO

Pattern: "Camp Out" Fingerless Mitts by tante ehm
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash
Colour: 1926 Doeskin Heather
Needles: 4mm dpn
Start: February 27 Finish: March 9, 2016
Modifications: See Below

A great little free pattern from Ravelry that produces something comfortable, warm and quick to knit.

It's one of those patterns that'll showcase special yarn or work well with anything to quietly match something else (as I've chosen to do with Flying Geese).

It starts with a provisional cast on of 10 stitches knit into a garter ribbed strip that, once long enough to encircle the fingers, joins in a 3 needle bind off.

The warm garter ridges are stretchy but bounce back to allow freedom of movement without sloppy-looseness or being overly tight. Nice!

The length of that initial strip and so, the number of stitches picked up from its lower edge is then easily modified, which I did - adding a few ridges/stitches to accommodate my light worsted yarn.

Then I knit three rounds before casting on for an enlarged thumb gusset (11 stitches vs. 9 in the pattern) rather than doing so immediately beneath the garter strip. This gives a bit more comfort and space for the thumb.

I also left a couple of stitches at the base of the gusset rather than decreasing them all away for even a bit more room over the wrist just below.

To make a "set" with the Flying Geese Cowl I worked one up with a contrast lining. The result was warmer but too thick. Then I tried one with a corrugated rib cuff which seemed too busy looking.  In the end I went with a simple 1x1 ribbed edge at the cuff.

Bottom line, this pattern is a great go-to hand warmer recipe.

So my next little package to help out newly arrived Syrian families is ready to go. I imagine my donations from last autumn must have been in use by now.

Its occurred to me the "Troll" hat that was among those pieces would work well with these fingerless mitts...both featuring a wide garter band. (Both are also easily modified and suitable for a wide variety of yarns.)

In my rush to send the Troll hat and mittens off I never posted about how pleased I was at the subtle striping I got alternating balls of two colour ways of remnant red yarn for the top of this elfish little hat.

Wow, 'just realized its 3 months and a bunch of FO's since I knit up anything with a colour to it!

Thank you all for the kind comments yesterday on my blocking adventure last weekend!

I'm working on an FO post to put that project to bed as the weather turns unmistakably springlike and I have to acknowledge I'll very soon need to be putting the throw itself away for the summer.

Time can certainly fly when you're knitting! Thanks for taking time out from your needles to drop by here!

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