They Say Many Hands Make Light Work

 Well two hands knitting colour work in the round sure do!

Especially with the corrugated ribbing plus you get perfect tension on the floats without having to twist the yarn for colour changes.

There's the softest hint of shell pink in the lighter colour...

This pattern is "Flying Geese" by Peg Blechman and its intended for a Syrian woman who will arrive here in Toronto in coming days with her husband and five sons.

I thought these soft colours would suit the early spring season (that will still feature many cold days) while a deep, wide cowl  that can be pulled up over the head will accommodate a head scarf where a hat could be a bit tricky.

'Trying to put this one to bed today/tonight as I've got a deadline for its' delivery and tomorrow I've a bit of minor surgery scheduled. In my post anaesthesia/pain medicated fog over the weekend I want to indulge in knitting the rest of the hand spun yarn I picked up in Buenos Aries last October.

And guess what I found...a whole bunch of comments from recent weeks that for whatever reason stopped automatically moving from the comments section of Blogger to my email box.

What a treat to find them, and to be lucky enough to have readers who leave them.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and for dropping by today!


Steven said...

Beautiful! That cream and tan go so well together. What a thoughtful gift for someone experiencing such a profound change in her life.

Peg said...

Great choice of colors! Thank you for selecting my pattern.