Just Like That

I've been to Florida since we've "chatted" where it was perfectly chilly enough to allow lots of work on Shearer II so that front and back are now joined with a finished collar and I'm in the home stretch.

After a few attempts at starting the sleeves top down though I bailed on that idea on Sunday. My brain is exploding with ideas for 2016 and as I knit I can't seem to sustain focus on simultaneously sorting out the details of the short row shoulders amid the cables to produce something I'm happy with.

So down to the cuffs I went and up sleeve one I go very much spurred on this morning by a post by Karen Templer on her desire for the perfect Cabled Pullover.

By the time I'd left an essay of a comment I'd suddenly found the love for my pressure-driven WIP! Thanks Karen!


Steven said...

Some beautiful examples over there. Take the inspiration when and where you can! Now you've got ME dreaming about cables...

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying these progress photos of the beautiful sweater.
Thanks for sharing them.