A Good Night at the Toronto Knitter's Guild

'Have to say The TKG, (formerly DKC) meeting last night felt fresh and new, positive and fun.

Transitional struggles seem to have settled and there were many bright, young faces in the crowd.

As I stood in line to pick up my membership card (purchased on line via Pay Pal no less!) two young women behind me were discussing buying their memberships after having enjoyed the "Try before you Buy" program of free meetings for non members at the start of the year, I overheard one of them say
"...well I'm going to join because everyone here seems really nice and helpful too..."
I wanted to turn and point out how, beyond getting to know other knitters via the Guild,  the membership of $50.00 more than pays for itself via discounts offered at GTA LYS's when you present the card. Which ones? they may have asked. I would have said "they are all shown on a handy chart on the new Guild website HERE!"

Meanwhile Innes Hall, where meetings are held, has been fully renovated by the University and its just fantastic. From a spacious seat in the back row against a side wall, I could clearly see details on the amazing knits held up during "Show and Tell", enjoyed Kate Atherly's "Math for Knitting" (the power point presentation was run from the control booth without a hitch) and I even had enough light to see my own knitting as I listened.

I also see from the website the program calendar for the year has been finessed. The December meeting will be more of a social while the Work of Our Hands Fashion Show is moving to February which I think, will encourage more knitters to submit pieces because they won't be having to do so during the crazy weeks prior to the Holidays.

All that plus the Jays pulled off another win yesterday despite the "beating" they took the night before and I easily made it home in time for the news to learn that apparently the world thinks our new Prime Minister is "Hot".

Quite a night. Thanks for dropping by today!

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