As for Knitting...

Last time I went on about changing my approach to shopping for food/how it enhanced our eating over the summer.

'Have to say the whole thing also affected my yarn shopping. Or maybe, in this one instance the yarn shopping influenced some menu choices...

I'd read an article in June (this one) about making soft pink yarn using a dye made from chopped Avocado pits and may have started feeding Avocados to my family at rates previously un-imagined around here.

With a growing pit collection in freezers both up north and at home I then had to hunt down some yarn still in a natural, undyed, untreated state right?

At one open-air-market-in-a-park we visited a few times I explored "Farm Yarn", which I understand, refers to yarn that comes from whatever variety of sheep a shepherd of a small flock might keep - often with fleeces of multiple breeds mixed together.

I bought a hank of creamy, natural worsted to dye and another in a sheep-coloured grey-brown I hope will go with the home dyed pink in my future.

So, I've had both an opportunity to perfect my Guacamole recipe and undertake a yarny adventure that included chatting with a local Shepherd. Meanwhile I dream of softly rose coloured yarn emerging from a stock  dye pot in my very own kitchen.

Not the kind of yarn sourcing I typically undertake at an LYS!

The Georgian Bay Fibre Co. Bfl yarn I'm currently knitting into Slade for My Beloved was another fun purchase outside of my usual habit but I'll save that story for another day.

Its the first meeting of the Season for the Toronto Knitter's Guild tonight so I'd better scoot!

Thanks for dropping by eh!

P.S. Tonight's TKG meeting is a "Free Trial" meeting for people who are interested but aren't sure they want to become members just yet so its a great night to come and see what its all about!

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