A Bit Negative For a Friday

Pseudo Sib has been here from NYC this week for another event on his art/work calendar. Although visiting him there a couple of weeks ago yielded a decent amount of knitting time, the same cannot be said of time spent playing "host city".  The events held here were such that I was able to tag along with him and of course I also hosted a family dinner at our place so everyone could visit. From that perspective its been a great week.

From a knitting perspective its been less stellar. Here I am, Friday afternoon, about to head to the cottage and the last time I touched my knitting was Monday afternoon waiting in the terminal while picking up Darling Daughter at the airport!

Hence the sleeves of my Elmont are not jumping off the needles and I am only just getting ready to work the eyelet detail above the elbow of the first sleeve.

I will have time to work on it in the car as we head to the cottage in the next hour or so but the knitting really is getting tedious. The sleeves are narrow so that working on a circular is a wee bit tight (hate that!) and while the cottage is great when we're on our own for working on complicated pieces it's not my favourite place to knit in June. The bugs outside keep you cottage bound, I keep thinking I'd rather be out in the garden at home and there's nothing to distract as we don't have TV or computers up there.

My Beloved, however, has a plumbing project he's keen to see to up north so I'll go along and try to get as much done on this knit as my hands will allow. (The tight circular knitting irritates everything from my hands right up to my neck and shoulders - another reason I'm not enjoying it I think.)

Fridays should be the ultimate day for looking forward in the week but this one hasn't felt like it holds anything worth anticipating. 'Guess I'd better find a better outlook while I pack up and get ready to go!

I'm going to fire up the latest Knit British Podcast as I do it. (I don't generally listen to such things but honestly that girl's Scottish brogue would make a grocery list sound amazing) and I'm going to try to get positive about this Elmont project - even if takes just focusing on the fact I'm past the half way point to getting it done and over with!

'Hope you've got a better knitting weekend planned than I do!


Lorraine said...

Marie- I usually switch to DPN's when the sleeves get small like that.

I am knitting boring man-socks while I wait for gansey yarn from across the pond.

Brendaknits said...

Attitude is everything, isn't it? Other than no knitting time, though, your week sounded lovely.

Anna said...

I agree with Lorraine, use DPNs. My hands can't take the shortness of the needle on small circulars so I use DPNs for every sleeve I knit in the round, just makes it much easier to work on I think!

Hope you had a good time at the cabin!

Steven said...

I've had the knitting grumps lately, too. Didn't knit a stitch between two Saturdays! Sometimes giving voice to your roadblocks is just the thing to get you around them. Hope it worked.