Ahhhhhhh Stockinette!

Yup. Rounds and rounds and rounds of it, without having to look or think and out of it a wonderful, drapey-soft felty-flat fabric flowing shapelessly out of a broken rib band just exactly as I hoped it would.

As it grows I get to ruminate on what this fabric might be suggesting about neckline and shoulder style.

The last 4 sweaters I've worked have have been in finer yarn than this. 3 of them had 10+ inches of positive ease. All required shaping, tracking charts or both.

This little thing though, in light aran weight on 6 mm needles will have only a wee bit of positive ease (<1") on 142 stitches.

The thing grows appreciably between commercial breaks and sitting down for a single cup of tea or coffee easily yields an inch of added length by the time I take my last, still hot, sip!

Its also lovely working on something that isn't wooly wool but still carries a hint of warmth about it as our cool spring weather persists.

It feels like there's time to finish and wear it before any full-on heat arrives - 'talk about motivation!

Yup. Rounds and rounds and rounds of satisfying, soul-soothing, productivity out of stolen moments and down time.

Do you ever feel sad for people who don't knit?
 I do!


Steven said...

To paraphrase Auntie Mame, "Life's a stash of cozy yarn and most poor suckers are freezing to death!" This is looking very good!

Lorraine said...

Marie- Knitting makes me so happy, I really do feel bad for anyone who doesn't get it.