Silver Dream Mittens (Heavy on the "Dreaming")

DK stranded mittens are, at best, a few easy evenings worth of knitting. Instead I've been lingering over a pair, mind-fully knitting so ploddingly I got to a point where I all but lost interest entirely.

I was quietly pursuing project monogamy but that meant if I didn't feel like doing two handed colour work in the round then I didn't knit at all and so a pair of dk mittens - even ones that I love, have taken over a month to be completed.

Its the yarn and the way the colours work so softly together that's kept me engaged.

I loved the slightly greyed lavender colourway as soon as I picked it up at Romni. I loved it more when I saw it was called "Dawn" and I've kept my eye out for that colour in the early morning sky ever since...

As engaging as the colour may be the tactile aspects of these combined yarns almost defies knitting because all you want to do is pat them!

Often I found myself slipping whatever I'd completed over my hand, marvelling at the warmth and intrinsic coziness of the fabric. (Possibly asking My Beloved to consider the wonder of them a bit more than necessary - it isn't always easy living with an knitter is it?)

Starting the second mitten I worked slowly away at the long wrist section happily mindful of how embarrassingly often I fail to move the thumb gusset to the opposite side of the palm on the first "pass" and so managed to remember this time.

Then, still painfully slow but semi-blissful I approached the end of that second thumb gusset but like a car sputtering on the last of the fuel in its tank, only haltingly finished it, lurching to the side of the "road". 'Out of "gas", wanting to get to be knitting on something, anything else.

Still I held firm, didn't start anything else - but then didn't knit either - until over the weekend I finally dragged them across the finish line. Now I'm eagerly awaiting to see how a deep soak pulls the stranded design to order.

They were a satisfying project on many levels with a good result I'll finally be able to post but meanwhile I'm thrilled to clear them out of my basket and move on to something else! Only question is, what will it be?

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Steven said...

The colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see how your mindfulness played out!