Hawser by Jared Flood FO

Pattern: Hawser by Jared Flood
Source: Brooklyn Tweed - BT Fall 14 Look Book
Yarn: 7 balls Diamond Galway Heather
Colour: 1940 Red 
Needles: 4.5, 5, 6mm
Modifications: None

'Very little to say about this one...

'Waited for the Fall '14 BT Look Book to launch - I just knew there'd be the pullover pattern in it I'd want to knit and sure enough there it was, right on the front cover!

A week later, in Romni I got the last 9 balls of the yarn I wanted in my preferred colour way - very close to the one pictured in the pattern - a crimson red with a blue undertone just a bit more red/less pink than it appears here - on my monitor at least.

After fiddling around with various tubular cast on techniques The knitting was straightforward and pleasant.  just as promised in the pattern description a novel approach to working these big 14 stitch cables keeps them from being too bulbous or the fabric too stiff. Then check out how the cables came together at the shoulders!

After blocking to the pattern measurements I realized I didn't need quite so much length so I re-blocked to a length almost 3" shorter. The sweater worked up in just over 6 balls of yarn so if I'd been more careful with calculating length I could have knit it shorter to begin with and never had to start that 7th ball. Something to remember going forward.

So no struggle to find either yarn or pattern. no trouble with gauge, knitting or assembly then post blocking no disappointment as it fits just as I'd hoped.

Is it possible I knit a sweater with no drama?

I've been thinking about submitting something for the upcoming TKG Work of Our Hands Fashion Show and didn't really consider this because it doesn't have a story to tell but its just now occurring to me as I type this - that is the story! It was actually easy, without obstacles and turned out as planned!

It feels like some kind of knitting miracle - that's kind of story in itself! (For me anyway, I've still got a bit of time to think about it - the deadline for submissions is Friday.)


Lorraine said...

Marie- There are times, when it all comes together.

Alas, these times are few and far between, but I am always happy to hear that it does happen.

Steven said...

Do submit it! It's gorgeous. And, as a pre-Valentine's Day bonus, I notice that the stitch motif between the cables look like little chains of hearts at certain distances.

Needles said...

A sweater that worked out? Inconceivable! I would go with the story.

Brendaknits said...

This looks fabulous on you. It has the current trendy looser fit that I think looks great on we women of a certain age. The shoulders are indeed perfect.