Three Sleeved Sweater?

Three sleeves, that's what Hawser required of me over the weekend. (And a good deal of fortitude not to start something new despite Hawser's persistent presence in the WIP column!)

I finished the first early Saturday afternoon after working collar and shoulder seams Saturday morning. The sleeve was correct in every pattern-related measure but looked tight when compared with the modelled shots in the BT Look Book.

So 'started sleeve two with six more stitches cast on and a re-jigged rate of increase. Much better. Sleeve one then became a ball of yarn/the beginnings of sleeve three Saturday night.

This sweater should have been done before Christmas, that sleeve should have been done yesterday.

I've managed to hold off starting anything in those weak moments as the last bits of a lingering project drag on but I want tomorrow's post here to be about a newly cast on project that I want to start tonight.  I haven't even decided what it will be other than "new".

So I better squeeze out some time to finish a sleeve today!



Steven said...

When I saw "three sleeved sweater," I immediately thought of Morticia Adddams and her odd knitting.


Glad it wasn't so drastic!

Needles said...

Oh I do commiserate.