Fancy Flat Cables and the Dutch Masters

The pattern for Hawser promises...
"striking over sized cables on a ground of double moss visually lengthen(ing) the torso and a yarn over technique allow(ing) them to lie flatter than usual."
The modelled shots Darling Daughter helped me with last weekend illustrated for me that Hawser is visually lengthening me too much. (It looks a bit long!) So I'm going to re-block it and take new photos this weekend. (A real side-benefit of blogging, taking photos shows me how a garment really looks on me rather than just how I choose to "see" it. The camera doesn't lie.)

As for the "special technique" used in the cables, its fantastic.

As pre-blocking photos attest, the 10 stitch cables are round and perky-cable-puckery...

Each cable cross includes a yarn over prior to working each half of the cable. These are dropped on the next row, give a bit of ease but then make a big impact as they relax after being wet.

Look at them here along the folded side! And yet it works without making the cables look pressed into featureless flatness.
Quite amazing.

Beyond making a visual impression the cable treatment also allows the piece to drape unlike any cabled sweater I've made and worn. There isn't the slightest hint of stiffness or bulk about wearing it despite the fact it has ten inches of positive ease around the hips.

Basking in the glow of how happy I am with this third BT sweater I've made in recent months I was just tickled to sit down last evening with my tea and laptop to find the latest BT Look Book was up.

Once again there's a video documenting the development of the collection - or rather the "History of Art" designs. Deep, rich colours in a surprisingly darker-than-usual setting Jared explains he's seeking to present pieces to...
"...Inspire knitters...to delight and surprise people who are going to be knitting the patterns."
I don't yet know if any of the pieces will find their way onto my needles, there's too much to take in all at once, but I'm already inspired both by the new collection and my happiness with how pieces from past collections are working for me, my knitting and my wardrobe right now.

Meanwhile I've been a busy knitter on other fronts beyond Hawser.  More on that tomorrow. Thanks for dropping by today!

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Steven said...

That really is quite beautiful. I especially love the color. I'm intrigued with the yarnover that relaxes the cable. Those are pretty substantian -- 6 stitches on either side? I don't know if I've knit cables that chunky. They look quite elegant here!