And Then It Was Done

A month of hard core domestic festivity has come to a close.

This morning the house is silent

The corporate types are headed back to their desks, the creative type, back to London.

The poodle went back to sleep after the last departure sensing the significant return from "that" to "this". No need to watch from the front window to monitor impending arrivals - better to catch a few more "zzzz's" he no doubt thought, before our usual walking schedule resumed.

Today I'm "going" to my desk. I've got a DSLR full of wooly photos and holiday memories, drafted posts awaiting "illustration" and various jammed in boxes to sort through.

I'll also go to the ironing board. There are more men's dress shirts and blouses than I care to count that need going over and a mountain of table and kitchen linens that saw service over the holidays also awaiting the attention of some hot steam.

I love the potential in these post Christmas weeks of winter for so many things and I'll use the time at the ironing board to ruminate on just where to focus first.

Happy New Year! 'Hope you had a great holiday!


Brendaknits said...

Happy New Year to you too. With no one working in this house I no longer have that ruminating ironing board time. I guess I now substitute my knitting time.

Anonymous said...

This week does feel different now that school and work has re-opened.
I am anxious about some aspects 2015 may bring but trying to be positive.
Knitting helps!
have a good week,