2014 Year End Roundup

Wow, 'can't believe how much work there is in putting one of these posts together - its going to feel so great to hit "publish" and feel free to really jump off into the new knitting year with the old one finally put to bed.

2014 saw me finish 20 pieces in 15 Projects...

...A surprising number of them rectangles...
EZ Double Knit Mat from Knitter's Almanac
Improvised Cowls in Rowan Brushed Fleece
Bee Stitch Washcloths in Rowan All Season Cotton
Using up Mom's stashed Baby yarn Receiving Blanket

A surprisingly low number of them socks...
Men's Basic Ribbed Socks

...A surprisingly high number of Mitts...
(4 out of remnants)
EZ Mitered, Faux Thrummed, Fingerless, EZ Mitered, Maplewood and Sweet Fern Mittens

Hindsight is revealing knitting up remnants seemed to be another unconcious theme...
EZ Nethergarments from Remants

Sweater output was pretty good at (almost) 4 ("Hawser" should have and could have been done before Christmas - instead it shuffles off to become an early 2015 FO.)

"Devlan" was the most gratifying of these. I'm wearing it often and can hardly believe I managed to squeak it out of Remnants too!

"Deco" utilized fabulous wooly wool, "statement" buttons and a flashy ribbon-backed button band. While the colourway stubbournly resists being captured in a photo it brings energy and fun to navy, black and grey and the cropped shape works surprisingly well both in terms of the line it gives to other clothes and how easy it is to wear for warmth without getting in the way of anything.

"Tinder", a looooooong time getting started but a quick, straightforward knit after more than a couple of years searching out a pattern and yarn combo for a "purpose built" garment. To my great satisfaction its become a go-to cardi in my summer-at-the-cottage, fall and now even winter wardrobe.
I had fun with new yarns last  year - "Rowan Brushed Fleece "most recently but their "All Seasons Cotton" was a fantastic discovery as was working with Sandnes Garn "Tove" for the first (definitely not the last) time too.

So now what for 2015? I don't think I'll be focused on technique this year as much as yarn and wardrobe - both mine and My Beloved's.

There'll be a flurry of small knits in coming weeks with knitting some baby gifts as soon as Hawser becomes an FO.

The cold weather, a new Mitten Pattern Book in my library and the shocking surprise of wearing the above hat a lot - another 2014 FO has also prompted interest in knitting more outwear accessories. (I know it totally suits Hudson but he was good about sharing!)
Sockhead Hat in Tanis Blue Label Sock
Stephen's blog has me thinking much more about knitting for My Beloved. Stephen's Seamless Hybrid in particular got me thinking men's sweaters and seeing The Imitation Game over the holidays has me also thinking vests like this one and I'm eagerly anticipating the next BT Look Book which should be a collection of patterns for men.

I'm feeling drawn to natural, undyed, rustic/muted yarns. I'm curious to work with wool from specific breeds of sheep too and to work up some wardrobe basics for myself.

These are my impressions at the moment but summing them up here doesn't mean I see them as a to do list. What I want in my knitting basket in 2015 over all else is open mindedness, a willingness to be inspired and great yarn.

If I'm being honest, I'll admit I get a great kick out of finishing things, having them done and dusted and in use gives me great satisfaction. I remember in the final days of Eunny Jang's knit blog she cited the fact she only ever worked on a single project at a time. That has always stuck with me - more as an idea than a practice but still...maybe I should give that approach a whirl.  No promises though!

Thanks for dropping by last year. I love blogging and the connection the resulting comments and correspondence facilitates with knitting friends all over the world and with knitters close to home.


Anonymous said...

Amazing work!
I can hardly wait to see your 2015 sweaters.
Yes yes on the natural yarn colours.

Brendaknits said...

Such a great review of 2014 knits. I too love the natural fibers and colours.

Needles said...

I love seeing the log of everything. I thought about doing that but..well...it just wasn't right.

Acorn to Oak said...

Looks like a very successful knitting year! I love those striped pants! And, your dog looks adorable in that hat! Best wishes for a wonderful 2015 and lots of happy knitting! :-)

Steven said...

Can I just say that I love everything that you knit last year? So much done -- and in a palette that I just adore. I like your idea of knitting with yarns from specific breeds. I should focus on that more. But I'm totally down with the knitting one thing at a time. Here's to knitting more fabulous stuff in 2015!