Brenda had an autumn road trip yesterday to Camilla Valley Farms with a bunch of other knitters. Lucky Girl!

Cheryl seems to take one awesome trip with her husband after another these days giving great detailed accounts. The slot canyons of her most recent trip are just magical!

Lyn has undertaken another of her amazing adventures - this time to Europe - yarn shops, museums, the loveliest little towns, architecture. She could plan a trip for me anytime! I love the places she visits and the things she sees along the way. I also admire her determination to make what seems like a huge undertaking leaving Australia to go so, so far afield!

Its putting me in a mood for a "trip" too so I'm "visiting" yarn shops in London, Edinburgh and Dublin...on line!

Darling Daughter is off on vacation next week, visiting those three great cities (and her brother!) so I'm scheming about sending her on an errand or two for her "Mum"/"Maithair"/"Mither" depending on her location!

I also had a wee outing of my own yesterday to Romni Wools. My order of Briggs and Little "Super" was in and I need it to finish Hudson's Double Knitted Dog Mat.

The Briggs and Little was at the front of the store in a display celebrating Canadian Wool Week but I didn't stop there, also travelling to the Wall of Worsted, the Sock Section and what I think of as the 'British Bit" (Debbie Bliss and Rowan).

Heading "slightly" further afield than I did, My Beloved flew to our "left coast" yesterday morning. A car picked him up to take him to the airport just as Hudson and I were arriving home from our morning walk. Hudson naturally wanted to visit with the driver who was standing beside the car so I chatted with him for a couple of minutes before driver, car and Beloved were off.

On my way home to the north end from Romni, hours and hours later, winding my way through this city of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of vehicles, past traffic snarls and trying to avoid construction sites, schools letting out and the like I was sitting at a mid town red light, and who did I see in the car right beside me? That same driver!

He had no doubt spent the day driving - as had I, to some degree - what are the chances of us ending up side by side like that?

Ah the wonders of "Travel". I'm having a good dose of it via bloggers and daughters and drivers without even having to pack a bag!

Meanwhile I'm pretty quickly also "travelling" from hem edge to dividing for front and back on Devlan - with this yarn its a lovely trip indeed!

Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

I love these pictures. They're so cozy and inviting. And, your knit items look so soft and pretty. It's fun seeing the places people go. We've done quite a bit of travel this year. It's been amazing! My daughter and I went on a three week road trip. Then, she spent a week in Park City, Utah to help run a harp camp. Then, hubby and I just went on that amazing two week trip you've been reading about. I feel so lucky! But, the more I travel, the more I want to travel. Funny how that works. I'm happy to hear you stopped by and enjoyed the post. Thanks for the link. :-)

Lorraine said...

Marie- What will you be sending your daughter to get? Sounds intriguing!

You can share in my trip to Vermont after I post about it.