"Tinder" by Jared Flood FO

Pattern: "Tinder" by Jared Flood
Source: BT Fall 11 Look Book
Yarn: Diamond Galway Heather Worsted
Colour: Blue Grey
Source: Passionknit Toronto
Needles: 4.5mm, 5.5mm
Start: May 23 Finish: July13, 2014
Modifications: Shortened Sleeves by 2"

This sweater sprang from a desire to have something warm to wear at the cottage over the next 30 years or so. I wanted classic, comfortable and cozy and hoped to knit it in crisp white wool.
"White" wool yarns, not surprisingly, tend to have a creamy appearance that I feared would read as "yellowed" so I abandoned the white idea, settling instead on this grey-blue Galway Worsted. Its heathered with white that gave me the summer-time feel I was looking for.
As a nice surprise, in addition, the faded denim colour will also work well year round. (Maybe Tinder won't live at the cottage over the winter after all!)

Tinder was an easy, straightforward knit. Mine worked up with 3 weeks of pleasant, error-free stitching on its 5 separate pieces. I wet blocked each to size then post assembly, steam blocked the knit-on button bands and collar. I like the control knitting separate elements gives me and the fact the pieces stay a nice manageable size. The reinforcing qualities of seams on this long garment will also guard against stretching. (I hope!!!)

I love the reverse stocking stitch sleeves and the detail along the selvages. (I must remember to block these along the sleeve/shoulder join more carefully to better show them off!)

The finished fabric is quite light and drapes beautifully.

I worked the sleeve decreases every 8 rows rather than every 10 to shorten the sleeves 2" avoiding the "knuckle-length" look of the pattern while maintaining the nice deep cuffs.

'Love the A line shaping. Love the fit. The length is cozy but I don't feel swamped in sweater.

I chose convex Mother of Pearl buttons shaded with the navy, warm cream and white of the shells from which they came. A fitting nod to the water on which I plan to wear this sweater a lot and a perfect compliment to the yarn.
Their soft sheen and round shape counter the right angles of the waffle stitch pattern in a way that pleases me immensely.

I'm very happy with the net impression. It feels great, looks laid back and works with everything from jeans to khaki shorts to leggings and white pants.

On the day we went out to take these FO pics, it even matched the weather!

 Thank you for dropping by. Thanks Jared for a wonderful design and pattern!


Needles said...

Oh I love this so much. It really is the perfect everywhere sweater.

Alli said...

It looks WONDERFUL! Gorgeous sweater, gorgeous photos - a fantastic knit all around!

Anna said...

it's lovely! Mine is all blocked and waiting for me to move another project onto the next step before I go back and sew it together! The grey is great and will go over and with anything. I hope it does last you as long as you want it to, and thanks for your help when I was puzzling over mine!

Steven said...

I agree -- the photographs are so lovely. And you can't have enough gray sweaters. This post got off to a great start with your comment about wanting a nice sweater "for the next 30 years or so." Here's to long-term fashion planning!

Mimi said...

Your sweater and your photos are gorgeous. I have a question I can't seem to find the answer to. Do you recall how you did the decrease rows (continuing in the same pattern)? With the decreases being 2 st it doesn't work out evenly.