Glen Check Socks FO

Pattern: Country Socks by Nancy Bush (Cuff pattern only)
Yarn: 2 Balls Patons North America Kroy Socks 4 Ply
Colour: Glen Check
Needles: 3mm dpn
Start: June 28 Finish: September 18, 2014

A very basic 74 stitch ribbed sock for My Beloved, the best part of which is the yarn.

Its such a great value, the end product from it feels sturdy and yet also very luxe! The 25% nylon content is utterly undetectable in the big cushy ribs but will make these a good weekend sock for years to come.

This is the 7th pair of socks I've knit for him and the first time I've successfully tackled the issue of fit at his ankle and over his very high instep.

My first go at the problem this time yielded the weird result pictured above. It fit but by the time I'd decreased away the gusset made with a long heel flap to match his high instep. the top of the sock wrapped around under the ball of his foot.

So next I worked a shorter-than-normal heel flap after a 1" decrease below the calf leaving 68 sts for the second heel and the remainder of the sock down to the toe. (The decreases can be seen below but he's got the socks on akimbo - the decrease really is at the centre of the heel!)

So the decreases and shorter heel worked to give us a good result although I may add just a few more rows to the heel on the next pair to guard against wear.

And there's enough yarn to work another pair. Of course he'd happily have another just the same. Of course there's be little amusement in that for me!

I'm thinking 1x1 ribbed cuff, then stockinette with a little cable running down the outside of each leg and splitting at the heel. I'd like to see how the "Glen Check" yarn looks in stocking stitch. I'll use the same stitch count and look forward to only working 2 socks rather than almost three in order to yield a pair! 

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Brendaknits said...

They do seem to fit just perfectly. But I woudldn't let him outside without shoes if I had gone to all that trouble.