My resolve to eat and knit responsibly yesterday held firm.

Running errands over the 3:00 o'clockish time I'd usually stray toward forbidden snacks and only bringing my current sock project down to the city from the cottage so I had no choice but to work on them this week was key.

Sock one, 'expected the ribbed fabric/going down a needle size would give a nice fit 'round the ankle, without decreases below the calf.

(And the thing just looks plain weird too!)

Sock two - 4 stitch decrease and shorter heel flap for less gusset, more ribbing/more (hopefully enough) "grip" over the instep.


I do love the Paton's yarn - both the feel and colour and the beefy-for-socks 3mm needles make things fairly sail along but honestly,


But snoring while behaving!

Go Me! ;)

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Brendaknits said...

Go you for sure. My resolve always disappears when I walk past the snack cupboard.