And now September

Everyone says it was a weird summer, and we certainly found it to be just that. In our case especially so due to the absence of Number One Son from the cottage.

Rather than think of the things that the summer wasn't though, I focused on what it could be given the novel circumstances.

For example, as many Knitters have commented, the cooler weather was good for knitting and I found it to be just that. Instead of working on things in an orderly fashion that might lead to something - anything, getting finished, I enjoyed a randomized "what do I feel like working on" approach.

I also indulged in more than a bit of "what do I feel like eating".  So along with the summer bedding and volumes of towels to launder, last night I also "brought home" a bunch of weight to lose. (This was clearly illustrated over the weekend as Darling Daughter helped me with FO shots of Tinder. I won't post the more telling images she captured but I'll print off a copy for posting on the fridge this morning.

And so September - that "getting back into a routine" time drummed into us in the opening decades of our lives. As my son takes a break from it, his mother will embrace it, as I haven't been able to do since the year he was born and Darling Daughter started school because this year I can put the effort into my own "routine".

'Time to shrink that WIP list and while I'm at it, my waistline! 'Keep my hands on the needles instead of the goodies and I should accomplish both tasks.



Lorraine said...

You have Hudson to walk with- so that helps alot. I walk, but dislike going by myself.

I have to find some random dog.....

(I am also a stress-eater, so that doesn't help)

Brendaknits said...

If you come up with a fool proof plan for that weight, please share.