First Love


I can never remember a time when I did not love books. Their heft, their scent, the potential behind their titles.

The days of my childhood and those of our kiddos were bracketed morning and evening with them.

I was blessed with a father who read aloud. I thought all adults were so inclined - I can remember not being able to decipher the words but never hesitating to ask..."will you read this to me?"

Hence vivid impressions of the sounds of pages turning - different in the hands of each reader and the noises those sturdy plastic covers on the dust jackets of hard cover library books make.

The Library! Bliss! See something that interests you? Why then add it to your bag...there is no fee, no charge. Indulge! Dive in! Please don't re shelve...where else on earth do they request that you not pick up after yourself?

Librarians! Thankfully enforcing that magical Library hush. Always ready to help, perhaps read aloud to an assembled, cross legged bunch of kids while holding the picture book aloft and so drawing all the little faces upwards in rapt attention.

My Library Card was the first (and only!) piece of identification I had until I got a student transit pass at 13 and relinquishing that "Child" card for an "Adult" card like my Dad's was such a thrilling right of passage - it meant I was grown up enough to be trusted to withdraw any book in the Library!

Beds and chairs need books beside them to best welcome settling in of the occupants don't you think?

In summer the usual two week return dates are stretched to three - to cover holiday absences!

I'm headed to the Library this morning, my most recent withdrawals having transported me through Folk Sock Knitting, Norwegian Mitten Design, Ornamental Knot work, Dog Psychology, Poodles and Backyard Chicken Keeping while My Beloved "visited" the Cuban Revolution with Elmore Leonard.

Before I go I'll be copying a few knitting patterns - I understand libraries pay more for books so that we might do so without infringing on copyright?

I must rush - 'can't wait to get there - what will I fill my book bag with today?


LynS said...

Thanks for this post and the memories it inspired. I grew up in a household without books and so the small local library was central to my life. I also remember the feeling of freedom when I was allowed access to the adult section of the library - even though it was under the supervision of the librarian! Lately I've been seduced by the immediacy and ease of access that comes with a kindle, but you've reminded me that I should pay a visit to the library.

Lorraine said...

Marie- When I enter a library or bookstore, a wave of calm rushes over me. I love the feel and aura of books, and can read one in a day.

I go through alot of books. Mostly biographies, true crime and of course, knitting and decorating books.

I have an e-reader, but still adore a good book in my hand.

Needles said...

I remember the first trip they let me take into the high school library. I thought I was in heaven. I remember all the highschool kids staring at me, this wee thing who could reach more than the third shelf.

Steven said...

I, too, share your love of libraries. So glad you're early experiences with them were positive. Mine were, for sure. So much so that I became a librarian!