Drop Stitch Cowl by Abi Gregorio FO

Pattern: "Drop Stitch Cowl" by Abi Gregorio
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: 3 skeins Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky
Colour: 1010 Red
Source: eweknit Toronto
Needles: 10mm Circular
Start and Finish: December 18, 2013
Modifications: Added 10 sts at cast on.

Darling Daughter spotted the pattern for this cowl as I was scrolling around Ravelry a few weeks before Christmas said she liked it. Such statements are rare so I instantly resolved to knit it for her in time for the 25th using the wondrous Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky I sourced at eweknit.

The big feature of the yarn and pattern is that its BIG. So the piece should appear big on the wearer right? A quick glance at the designer modelling her work on the pattern revealed something on the order of "Petite" whereas Darling Daughter measures in at nigh on 6 feet. So I increased the number of stitches cast on by 10 or about 20% to yield something suitably substantial and use up all but 8" of the three skeins I'd purchased of this beyond soft, Super Bulky Alpaca & Wool, roving-style yarn.

Once I got to it, it was only a couple of hours before I was weaving in the two short ends.  (I opted not to block it - leaving it as thick and lush as possible.)

Obviously this was a great winter for big cozy knits and the colour was very complimentary on her so it saw lots of wear, indoors and out.

Thanks Abi! You're a clever generous woman putting this great pattern up free of charge!

Oh my goodness I feel so blessed to have raised a family in Canada!
If you embrace them, even tough winters are fun!
(Especially if you've lots of hand knits to wear!)


Brendaknits said...

How rare an occurrence - the start and finish day are one and the same. Thanks for the link.

Lorraine said...

Marie- If you live here, you have to love winter. And handknits are part of it.

Alli said...

Lovely Marie - and your photos are terrific too. I've used the BSA Bulky before and adore it. So fab and quick!