Shepherd Step Five - Decreasing for Armholes

We are at the armholes - "we" because there were myriad discussions and measurements with My Beloved over the weekend as I worked towards these first decreases 15.5" from the cast on edge.
He has more than a bit of travel on his agenda this week and next and with him gone I need an idea of how things are likely to come together with all the "stuff" at the top of the sweater so I can work on the bits leading up to that before he's back, available for "fittings".

It struck me over the weekend how straightforward these cables are compared to those I struggled with on Beatnik. Nora Gaughan's cables features lots of "business" within each cable where these are just 2 stitch "ropes" - predictably and reliably twisting over and under and only on right side rows to boot!

So tonight its more decreases and starting on the last 11.5" of the back (I'm lengthening it an inch and a half rather than working the symmetrical collar line), so I'm past the half way mark on this panel!

Thanks for dropping by! 

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Brendaknits said...

You are knitting this for your husband?!! Off white. Cables. My gosh woman. It would look so gorgeous on you.