"Ganomy Hat" by Elizabeth Zimmerman FO

Pattern: "Ganomy Hat" by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Source: Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Remnant Worsted Held Double
Needles: 5mm dpn's
Start: October 1 Finish: October 3, 2013
Modifications: None
Poor Ganomy. Finished three weeks ago yet in the "shadow" of "Shearer", not  given a proper public launch until now. This in no way reflects my true feelings about this quick little project. It was entertaining from start to finish, used up more remnant yarn and best of all I am unreasonably thrilled with this hat! Clearly, from the reaction of my loved ones when I modelled it, it is not the best look for me. But it feels so great on and if I pull it down it will keep ears and neck warm - soooo important on my twice daily, often long outings with the dog.
My Ganomy will be a Bitter January Afternoon Hat or a Blustery February Blizzard Hat. The kind of thing you put on when warmth comes above all else not only for comfort but because you know the conditions will be so bitter no one you might meet will be looking at how you look - they'll be too busy trying to keep themselves warm!
The application of mitred shaping to a hat while also working the technique on mittens was interesting to explore and I love how the back of the hat shows that structure as the graphically attractive feature it can be.
Beyond that I'm pleased I resisted my initial impulse to work a bold colour in place of the Oatmeal Grey band. The silhouette is plenty playful without adding bright colour to it as well.
I also quite like the 2x2 row of coloured "notches" at the base of the Oatmeal section that then becomes 1x1 up in the confines of the narrow tip top when changing back to the cream yarn.

With Ganomy finally given its "due" I think I'll indulge in a couple of rows of "Shearer" now. Thanks for dropping by!

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Tina said...

Love it! Have the book and now having seen yours I might finally give it a try! Or two. My Sweetheart can not have enough hats and loves what I knit for him, but as you say there are times when you just don't care how you look as long as you are war. Soemtimes we have ugly icy wind in the winter out in the open field where we go with the dogs, and I hate me each time I forget anything to pull over the ears...
Happy knitting!