Amerind Cowl by Sarah Wilson FO

An interesting, asymmetrical cable in an asymmetrical cowl designed specifically for this yarn and colourway. Interesting, that is, as long as you wear it in the slightly unconventional and more than a bit impractical "covering your head and face" approach pictured below...
Pattern: Amerind Cowl by Sarah Wilson
Source: Ravelry Download
Yarn: Zen Garden Serenity Worsted
Colour: Black Pearl
Source: Lettuce Knit Toronto (gift)
Needles: 4.5mm
Start: September 19 Finish: October 1, 2013
Modifications: None

Releasing your eyes from the captivity of the cowl structurally diminishes the impact of that interesting design.

Then, if  worn like, say, a cowl, its just a glorified turtleneck or as we used to call them in the bad old 70's a "dickey" collapsing onto itself thereby eradicating all view of the lovely pattern.

There's also a fancy, Figure 8 cast on that allows you to do a 3 needle bind off at the end, yielding a magnificently evident seam. But at least its easy to know what section to put at the back right?!

So if yesterday's FO was a "5 Stars" kind of thing this one gets more like a "2".

As for the yarn, it is, like many expensive, hand dyed, superwash yarns, squishy, round and hairless. In this instance, carefully and skillfully dyed to get the same colouration as the yarn from yesterday's FO that sheep and Mohair goats grew on their bodies by eating grass and standing around in the sun and wind.

Both Darling Daughter and My Beloved commented on the softness, loved the colour and felt it was great, wearable piece. (High praise from those two who rarely find anything other than polite interest in my knits.) To each his own - maybe its my deep Scottish heritage but I seem to just want to go for the rough, hairy, sticky, wooly wool!

And speaking of which - yesterday afternoon my package from The Shepherd and the Shearer arrived! (I may have squealed a bit as the mailman handed me the package.) Talk about "sticky wool"! Darling Daughter, off on a British adventure this week has my camera, but I took some pics with my tablet for posterity of the fully gleeful skein washing and drying that began moments after the mail truck pulled out of the driveway. That'll be the stuff of tomorrow's post!

Thanks for dropping by today!

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