'Back in the city after 2 months in the woods.

"Wow!" a hot shower with water pressure and enough light to shave my legs without relying completely on the braille method! "Wow" a dishwasher. "Wow" my wee computer monitor looks huge and gorgeous! "Wow" a washing machine too?!

As I type garbage/recycling is being picked up from the end of our driveway. "Wow"- no trip via boat then car to the dump transfer station. "Wow"- a driveway not a dock!

"Wow" is that our TV or did someone install an IMAX theatre in our basement?

Last night, "Wow" to Chinese take out. Hot, authentic, healthy and ready for pick up in 20 minutes.

At the cottage its about self reliance - doing it/fixing it/building it/cooking/baking it ourselves - using what's on hand. Being organized to shop infrequently. Living  unplugged from media.

Cottaging can lend itself to that stuff - you can make of it what you want, take from it what you will. (Not unlike knitting your own socks rather than buying them right?)

Speaking of which, yes, for me there was knitting, Naturally more on that later! And for the rest of them there were also sewing lessons and roofing, furniture building and home made surfboard fiberglassing. As ever at a cottage there were maintenance and repair projects a plenty. There was lots of miscellaneous just for fun woodworking too and reading and of course, as ever water skiing et. al..

So it seems, mission accomplished at the cottage this year. After coming back to find the "usual" stuff at home so impressive I must have really embraced living without it by the lake.

One thing I am not impressed to discover back home where the bathroom scales reside..... "Wow" I've gained 7 pounds!?!
(I think in no doubt "fed" by fabulous wine like this one. 'Great Wine but honestly I might drink it even if it wasn't just because I adore the label!) 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
So glad you had an excellent summer.

Brendaknits said...

Welcome back. You do well to stay the entire 8 weeks. I get antsy after about 5 weeks.

Sandra said...

I've done the water access, no connection cottaging. I'm spoiled now with wifi and drive up access. We are however, a good half hour from town, and the dump is a 7km dirt road plus 10 minutes of highway driving away.
We're still spoiled, I know...
Good to see you back...