With Eweknit Night in the Crosshairs

'Pushing Tyrolean Stocking #2 to the heel so I can work it mindlessly at Eweknit's knit night tomorrow evening.

I'm not big on LYS knit nights. 'Tried it at my local yarn shop so travel time wasn't an obstacle but still couldn't get into it.

I kept thinking the staff rep assigned to babysit the group in the store had been working all day or part thereof and was likely more than ready to just get home. Also the unspoken idea the shop's accommodations on such evenings are to drive sales and so the expectation is to to make purchases. I hate feeling "incentivized" and I am not good at buying yarn on impluse.  The whole thing was just uncomfortable.

Why go to Eweknitnight then? To visit with a friend who suggested we go and to support the relatively "new kid" on the block and because I'll have knitting borne of yarn purchased there last month. Beyond that the store blog has a great post on linen yarn complete with pattern recommendations and while checking that out last week I fell in love with the idea of having one of these for my very own. The shop also has a good selection of Koigu always in stock and I'm also recently enamoured of these.So I have potential purchases "ready" to justify taking advantage of the "shophospitality".

There's also a recently added room of fabric that should be more than fun to peek at. (I'm good at buying fabric on impluse!)

So I'm mentally prepared and after two more repeats of the Tyrolean chart I'll be all ready to go tomorrow. Maybe I'll be brave and take my camera - you'll be 'first to know if I do! Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

You are right about the reason behind knit nights To drive sales. Not that there is anything wrong with shop owners trying all sorts of activities to make the shop successful but the knitter should not be fooled by the benign appearance of such events.

Lorraine said...

I'd like to see that shop- I used to work at one on Yonge Street in the '90's, and the stitch night was always full.

Anonymous said...

I second the motion for the Eweknit knit night.
Very friendly and knowledgeable crowd plus the delightful owner and friendly staff.
I will try again over the summer.

Needles said...

Since Ravelry, Edmonton has developed at least a dozen pretty regular coffee shop knit nights, days, morning, afternoons. Day or evening, there is a group to knit with in Edmonton. No matter which one you go to, there is someone you know there, if not IRL, from Ravelry. Its is a wonderful place to be a knitter.