Friday Stuff

Well the Phentex got people talking! That squeaky, pure petroleum "hand" really sticks in the memory in a way not unlike the yarn itself doesn't it?

In knitting news I've spent the little time I've had with my needles this week playing around with the sleeve caps on Deco. Ripping and re-knitting a second one using a different point from which to pick up the cap's stitches. (I've put knitting the first completed cap into a sleeve on hold pending resolution of how I wanted the caps to look.) In the end I've decided to go with the way the first one is knit but I need a short 3mm circ. to proceed and I'll have to head out and buy one so I might just move on the to the button bands and collar over the weekend.

Oh and yesterday in my Ravelry Library I stumbled upon the feature that allows you to see the patterns you've used from each book or magazine in your collection. Or the ones in the queue.

Then from within "Favourite Designers" you can do the same thing! How fun and illustrative is that?

Its making me re-think the fact the only projects I have in Ravelry are those knit within the time frame of this blog. My "modern era" knitting began in earnest about 18 months prior to that point so the stats generated from the project page aren't really accurate in that regard. Hmmmm something to ponder tonight as I K2P2  our drive north in the rain.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all!

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LynS said...

I'm so pleased you're knitting 'Deco' and am reading your comments on the process avidly. I have the yarn to make it for my daughter, and have swatched and even started some time ago. But the tight tension had me a bit worried and I didn't have the courage to continue. Thanks also for the Ravelry tips. I knew neither of the functions you mention.