Love/Don't Love


How a new screen opens when I click on an Ad in Ravelry yet because I don't loose the current page I'm on I tend to click on so many more!

Don't Love

How an interesting visual in those same ads often won't take you to that particular item but often to an Etsy shop featuring things utterly unrelated to the image in the ad.


Following talented, inspired Knit Bloggers

Don't Love

When those same bloggers become knitting professionals and then only post when trying to sell things.


Friendly, helpful yarn shop staff

Don't Love

Being "sold up" on yarn. I came in for "X" and I'm trying to look at and consider it. Don't stick "Y" in my face and gush about its qualities. Its distracting and really not compelling beyond making me think twice about returning any time soon.


Downloading Free Brooklyn Tweed Look Books to my Tablet and being able to scroll through them for inspiration/insight/ideas anytime without going on line or having to wait for pages to load.

Don't Love

The space/time continuum that means though I may want to knit it all that ain't ever going to happen.

Really Love and as noted above Really Don't Love the contents of the latest BT Look Book just out a few minutes ago!

But wait a minute! I've got a BT knit on the needles! Why not just enjoy that? 'Talk about instant gratification! Ranger's finally all on one needle.

Also Really Love

That you dropped by!


Acorn to Oak said...

I love and don't love many of those same things. And, I love visiting your blog. Have a wonderful day!

Mary Keenan said...

Love: when you knit stuff I want to knit but can't find time for, then show the pictures

Also Love: the tipoff on the new lookbook

Super Love: the Pinion mittens in said lookbook! Recognized Veronik Avery's work straightaway, might have to make time to knit those myself... but I still hope you do so I can see your colour choices :^)

Needles said...

Yes. This.

Lorraine said...

I agree with everything.

About the yarn shop- they want customers to buy what is in stock and not have to order or have you go somewhere else. It is annoying because I want what I came for, not what they want to sell me.

Brendaknits said...

Love: Reading your blog post.
Really Love: Looking at your favourites on ravelry. I can always count on your favourites to insprie me.
Don't Love: Same as you - bloggers that becomee merchants.Or any blogger that becomes mostly about their fabuous knitting life with tours, far-off shows etc. I delete them from my list.

Lara said...

Love: That reading your blog always makes me smile.
Don't Love: That I don't take as much time to leave a comment on each one. I'm trying to get better. Promised Alli the same. :)

juicyknits said...

Loved this list. Thank you for that!

Don't love: the word captcha, but understand it's a necessary evil. ;-)