Twined "Thank You" Finger Mitts for Him

Pattern: Mrs. Martin's Finger Mitts
Technique: Twined Knitting
Source: Flying Geese and Partridge Feet
Colour: "Fir Green"
Source: Romni Wools
Needles: 4mm
Start: November 26 Finish: December 14, 2012
Modifications: Worked Index Finger further up Hand to facilitate moving finger more easily into body of mitt

These were a bit of an epic effort. Working and reworking the shaping meant two strands of woolly, grabby sometimes hopelessly entwined wool. and quite a bit of time spent atop the staircase as a twirling mitten dangled down to the basement to free one working strand from the other. 

This tough workhorse yarn on relatively small needles was also hard on the hands and neck but the finished mitt is a perfect work glove so worth the bit of struggle.

On the word of My Beloved - someone who wears out work gloves and mitts on an annual basis so he knows of what he speaks - I made the index finger start a bit later than you might find it on a glove. The thought being its nice to have the function of a separate finger but also ease of shifting it into company with the others for warmth when added dexterity isn't required.

The top of the mitts' shaping is neither symmetrical nor pointed. Rather shaping beside the finger started two rows later than those beside the pinkie with the mitten tip closed by grafting the last 16 stitches rather than threading them together.

All this makes room for warm air, comfort for both tall and short fingers on the hand and a mitt that will fit without being sloppy and therefore difficult to wear when working.

In the end I hope these will be useful to the recipient. I also desperately hope he doesn't have massive hands that we've somehow never noticed in the twenty-odd years we've known him!

Fingers crossed (or uncrossed - that's the beauty of these mitts! ;) )

Thanks for dropping by!

P.S. If you missed the post (and you care!) where the "Thank You"  part for these is explained...its here 

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Brendaknits said...

I give you lots of credit. I tried that twinned knitting once on some small project and remember saying never again. So - well done! Good tip about the index finger shaping too.