a..."...sequence (of knitting) awaiting its turn to be attended to..."

Last year sometime I realized my Ravelry Queue was documenting my knitting fantasies rather than organizing my knitting projects. Nothing I had in house or stash or knitting basket or patterns had any connection to the Queue. Ever.

My seasonal knit/purchase cycle nonetheless seemed suited to expression in queue form so why not give a go to putting the two together?

This required first moving a bunch of things to my Favourites from the Queue but I did that and it seemed the earth continued to rotate around the sun and life as I knew it did not end so I onward I went essentially including in the Queue only projects that I would knit within the upcoming fall/winter or summer knitting season as opposed to what I would like to knit.

Next I used the Queue as a "To Do" list to facilitate assembly of necessary needles/yarn/patterns, documenting acquisition's as I went along.

Now to be honest, even after moving the obvious suspects from Queue to Favs I still was left with more of a  wish list and had to keep editing until I reached a more realistic list. Easier said than done but this was about goals not perfection!

After Christmas I had to review things to incorporate the yarn and patterns I received. Again a bit of shopping. Importantly, I think, I have also left shopping to be done to complete the queue because honestly, that's part of the fun isn't it? I've noted the yardage and yarn still outstanding to take with me on my travels in the coming months.

Then over the weekend as I felt I was past the halfway mark on Ranger I took a look at what the queue told me should be coming up. It was another cardigan followed by, yet another cardigan. A nice expression of blind optimism rather than an honest recognition that I'll want to jump into something small and fun after a big, long, all on one needle men's cardigan! So I shifted things around to reflect that. I even thought about the weather, when I might want to wear things and shifted some more.

Of course its not cast in stone but it feels good. It feels doable from a knitting perspective and useful from a living-in-the-real-world-and-wearing-my-knits perspective too. I cannot lie, I adore the way knitters like Kate Davies dress head to toe in wool but as much as I admire her style and lifestyle, it isn't mine. I'm trying to have the contents of my queue reflect my life, my knitting, my body rather than the helter skelter knitting interests that had me dreaming of cranking out Shetland Style knits I'd never wear.

As I age and tastes/styles change I want to be open to different kinds of patterns so the Queue has to be short enough for me to accomplish its contents before they become obsolete. I'm hoping this will keep me knitting relevant things. For example, the body skimming fit I used to seek has been replaced by an interest in drape and positive ease. If I were still working to accomplish the contents of my old Queue I'd be putting off exploring loose fitting/knitted styles until the others were complete which may have been never.

Instead with my purged Queue I realized I had time to knit something for My Beloved and Ranger, as an example has an almost shockingly open gauge that gives it a soft light drape. New ideas being explored, relevant garments being produced. It feels like my new approach is working.

I'm a list lover and maker at heart so the Queue feature on Ravelry should be useful and relevant to me. Now that I'm starting to think more carefully about how I'm using it, its finally feeling like its just that.

Thanks for dropping by!


LynS said...

What a great post! I'm not usually a list-maker, but I think I will try to follow your example. I'll sneak a peek at your newly structured queue.

Anna said...

I use my queue very differently. I basically throw anything in there that I like, then when I find yarn I want to buy (being vegan I sub for every single pattern really) I search my queue by gauge rather than having to go through 700 pages of cardigans that a whole Ravelry search would bring up.

The start of my queue is everything that I have yarn for and each project is linked to my stash so once I finish something I can go and see what I feel like starting next.

Can't imagine dumping everything from it, I do go through every year or so and delete what no longer calls me or what I know I'll never find yarn for or wear. It's cool that the same thing works so well for both of us but in such different ways!

Lorraine said...

I have a long list of favorites, but I do feel overwhelmed by my queue.

I think alot of it is fantasy- and I too love lists.

Brendaknits said...

Is there a name for the skill that can turn what some might see as a mundane hobby aid into a PHD treatise? LOL here. You have that skill in spades.