"Custom Ordered" Headband FO

Pattern: My Own (here)
Yarn: Remnant Worsted
Needle: 4.5mm
Start:January 15 Finish: January 16, 2013

Mother and Son models.

The grey/orange one I did a few years ago. It turned out so well I thought it must be a fluke but it seems the same approach worked again!

Knit flat, folded in half lengthwise its joined with a three needle bind off that is just a bit unyielding. I've worn mine a lot and know this keeps the band from gradually working its way down over your eyes even when jogging.

This version for Number One Son is a bit wider to cover his ears and on 95 rather than 92 stitches for a bit bigger fit around his much bigger head.

Duplicate stitch for the single green stripe on the white side because he only requested it once the thing was done.

Off it went this morning (hence the artificially lit photos) with My Beloved for delivery along with a bunch of other goodies to Number One Son today.

I've got a busy day ahead out and about but of course not before Hudson and I hit the trail for our morning outing. I'm off to bundle up! Thanks for dropping by!

P.S. How fun to hear from so many about yesterday's post! I generally feel a bit uneasy posting non-knitting stuff so its great to know people found it nonetheless entertaining!

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Acorn to Oak said...

Your headbands are nice. I especially like the little x stitches. It's a nice touch. I've been thinking of making a headband. It would come in handy sometimes even though it's not as cold here.