Not Neglected

Recently posts here have been about the knits that insinuated themselves into time and places planned for another project.

Don't imagine though that these dalliances have diminished my interest in the current "Woolly Wool" project in my basket which, despite the interruptions, has made considerable progress towards completion.

It's the EZ square baby shawl I began swatching for back in July.

It's knit in the lovely lavender yarn Lyn sent from Australia about which I have been pondering and imagining all kinds of wonderful FO's ever since it arrived in the mail from the other side of the world.

As I wondered "aloud" in a recent post about adding a lace detail to the shawl Lyn herself suggested something "simple". I took that to heart and added this wee little flourish.

It reminds me of a tiny flower in bud just about to open.

I love how it compliments the soft colour of the yarn and imagine a sweet plump baby sleeping peacefully beneath it.

I've struggled a bit with the math of maintaining equal unadorned borders between the increases and the rather wide pattern repeat so I'm kind of winging it but loving it just the same.

Elizabeth in her Almanac famously touts the benefits of a shawl on a circular needle as ideal travel knitting and as ever, she's right. A simple shawl works well whether knitting while taking in new sights and sounds or filling the often long periods of waiting that travel today entails.  Of course that also makes it great car and TV knitting too!

So perfect a mindless knit is it that despite occasional neglect the shawl is rapidly growing so that I'm thinking I need to sort out how to treat the cast off edge. (At 600 or so stitches per round its probably hovering near the half way mark)

So I knit around and around and around...with ideas floating around and around and around...ahhh woolly wool!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Brendaknits said...

The yarn and embellishment are lovely. You can even see the wooly wooliness on my computer screen.