One Extreme to the Other (And Happy Halloween Too!)

About 12 hours after landing back in T.O. from San Juan late last Thursday night we were unpacked, repacked, I'd created and shipped off a Pumpkin Stalk hat complete with leaf and tendrils to Number One Son for his Halloween Festivities at University over the weekend and we were en route to the cottage.
I'm obviously modeling here.but Number One Son affixed the stalk to a dark green toque and I understand wore the leaf hanging down the back so as to step away from the "Fascinator" look the forward position conveys! He paired this with a bright Orange Sweatshirt adorned with Jack-O-Lantern duct tape face and green track pants.

Brrrrrr! Only a couple of degrees above freezing inside the cottage in the morning from just the day before being in tropical heat and humidity!

My last minute dash to the car that morning, yielded a woolly wool rather than Tropical Fiesta "just in case" project that ended up dominating my weekend knitting as I worked my second pair of Twined Knitting Mittens.

This pair are for Number One Son (another request!) so I've changed up the details a bit to yield a more masculine design. I added stripe and texture to the bottom of the cuff...
 Then aside from the thumb gusset its all stripes all the time up the finger tips.

With the technique now clear in my mind worsted yarn made quick work of these. Quite satisfying!
Also satisfying...the muted tones of our late autumn woodlands after the riot of fall colour a few weeks ago. So too the tropical scene we enjoyed last week was lovely but my internal calendar just needs to chill and frankly, eventually feel the freezing part of our spectacular four Ontario seasons. (Maybe the knitter in me needs the cold a bit too eh?)

But what a good outlook for a Canadian "girl"! I mean even the trees seem to be wearing woolly socks around here!

I hope wherever you're reading this from you're enjoying and appreciating where you are as much as I am. So many of our neighbours south of the border are suffering this week my heart goes out to them as they begin to undertake the huge recovery process ahead!

Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

What a contrast from your trip. It looks so peaceful and cozy. Perfect knitting weather. I love the 'socks' on the tree. :-)

Brendaknits said...

I too love those late fall non-coloured colurs. Hudson appears to be standing 'on guard for thee' Very Canadian.