Why yes, in fact I have been knitting!

Most satisfyingly on this...

..."Wisp" by Cheryl Niamath from Knitty . To be honest, I was never attracted to the pattern on Knitty but I kept trying to "Favourite" the thing on Ravelry when browsing patterns there.

I'm frequently finding I see patterns knit up or on Ravelry that come from Knitty and I can't believe how much more appealing they are to me than the pattern photos on the site.  I should probably slow down a bit, and look through Knitty the way I look at Ravelry patterns!

The work on Mom's estate is proceeding (If you care how your loved ones will fare following your passing, get organized! Thank goodness Mom's stuff is in order because its still a huge job to distribute the pieces of life well lived.)

One of the jobs I've undertaken is to organize and sort the mass of 120 years of photos and newspaper articles related to the family she, as the eldest in her family had in her possession.  I did a bunch of work to create a lengthy slide show about her that we had playing at the wake and at the post-funeral reception but since she was not the only member of her family, that piece is but the tip of the ice berg. Nonetheless I've now broken the back of the task in terms of organizing and sorting and I'm ready to start scanning and rebuilding the crumbling albums.

After the work of the day on matters related to the estate as well as trying to catch up with things in my own life (currently groceries are in very short supply in this place!) I need something mindless and calm to work on in the evenings. Wisp seems to be fitting the bill just perfectly.

As an added "bonus", Number One Son thinks Wisp looks "Sick!" ( in the current vernacular of kids in their late teens that's apparently high praise!) His view of the item below is not "Sick!" just "sick". As in "what were you thinking Mom?"
Well, I was thinking I'd like to reuse some yarn and so I did and before starting Wisp late last week I was very much enjoying working on EZ's  Last Minute December Sweater. Its ready for finishing the currently rolling hems with contrasting yarn which will hopefully give the piece more structure and finish (and shrink the thing 4 or 5 sizes so it will actually fit me? Fingers crossed! ;)  )

Beatnik is well past the half way mark with most of the back knit and the sleeves done but I need some clear headed thinking to figure out where I am in the chart (my post it notes dried up and fell off during its' 6 week period of neglect :(  )

I even finished a Bandana Cowl (Free Pattern from Purlsoho) to give to a friend. I'm going to try to get that FO post done this week!

So I have been knitting and its been very enjoyable and I can't say that about a lot of things these days so Yay for Knitting!

And "Yay" for knitters like you dropping by today! 


LynS said...

I've had 'Wisp' in my queue for years. Every so often I think I'll delete it, and then rediscover how much I like it. I'll be interested in seeing the outcome of your knitting on this one.

How admirable of you to preserve the family memorabilia. I think one of the big changes when a parent dies is realising that you've become the custodian of the family stories and knowledge they passed on to you. Again. I'd be interested in knowing more about the outcome of this project.

Brendaknits said...

Wisp looks lovley. It caught my eye when it first came out. I love the see-thru-ness of it. I find that many patterns look much better knit and worn by the average knitter than the modelled version.

Needles said...

I made one Wisp and will do another, but my first, though finished was an ugg. I used needles that were too large and it just wasn't right. But t is pretty no doubt.

Sandra said...

I've got the bandanna cowl in my sights for the boy.
And estate planning - what a nightmare. My Mom is completely planned - she's got everyting in order, and my brother and I each have copies of everything. My in-laws are a different story - with 5 kids, and most of them believe that "if we don't talk about it, it won't happen". My husband is putting his foot down and forcing his parents to get going. We've even brought in out lawyer to help them with stuff.

Stephanie said...

You know, I haven't really noticed Wisp in Knitty either, but the projects on Ravelry are all great. I think they persuaded me to add it to my queue for "someday". I'm glad there is something in your life that is enjoyable right now!

Lorraine said...

Yes, "sick" is a good thing!