Smocked Lace Scarf by Veronique Avery FO

Pattern: "Smocked Lace Scarf" by Veronique Avery
Source: Knitting 24/7
Yarn: 7 Balls, Sublime Kid Mohair
Colour: Vellum
Needles: 6mm Circular
Start: August 24 Finish: October 17, 2011
Modifcations: Larger Needle/Heavier Yarn to yield Wrap rather than Scarf

I've posted a lot about the details of this knit. It was such pleasure to work up I was sad to see it leave the knitting basket but I admit I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

After buying the yarn to make some kind of wrap and discovering I hadn't enough yardage for any kind of wrap I ended up using a scarf pattern intended for lace weight silk. 

With relatively large 6mm needles I knit one ball for each of the smocked lace ends, each yielding about 11.5" for 23" in total length (blocked).

I used 2.5 balls per side for the saw tooth lace. Together that added 56" in blocked length to the ends for a 79" soft, hazy, incredibly warm, dreamy wrap.

The length is sufficient to nicely drape...

Or wrap cozily around and stay put...

My original vision had been to make something to curl up in on cold winter nights knitting in front of the television so I'm kind of surprised it worked out so well as a bona fide accessory for evening wear! (My Beloved's business requires we attend many such events each year so this will get lots of use. (Sel & Poivre "fun fact"...my polarized wardrobe consists of numerous long dresses for Black Tie events and mud-worthy Dog Walking apparel with virtually nothing in between. Sad but true.)

The diamonds in the smocked lace happen to match the sparkly applique at the waist of this particular dress.
"Matchy" diamonds notwithstanding, I'll be pairing this piece up with lots of other formal dresses. Its such a rarity to go out over the winter in evening wear and not feel chilly but with this ivory beauty I was quite comfortable the whole time.

The Sublime yarn utterly lives up to its name. Soft. Shiny. Fluffy. Substantive. Sublime!

Tomorrow we'll move from "Sublime" to ridiculous...

As in "ridiculous" as I generally thought knitted skirts to be. The "Skirt Ladies" at Passionknit convinced me to nonetheless give it a try so I knit one from the same Knitting 24/7 book as this wrap pattern came from.

Of course the ridiculous aspect of knitted skirts isn't in the knitting but in the wearing right? How will it fit, where will it hit?! I wanted to post photos that would tell that tale - so much more interesting than the story of a glorified knitted tube!

Yesterday Darling Daughter had a bit of time to finally help me snap some shots so I'll be able to at last post  a modeled FO report on My First Knitted Skirt tomorrow!

'Hope to "see" you then! Thanks for dropping by today!


juicyknits said...

Oh, I'm waiting for those shots of the first knitted skirt. Lovely shawl!

Sandra said...

That is one stunningly gorgeous wrap! I mean, wow, just beautiful. And perfect for the events on tap. (Nice posing as well, by the way...)
I too go from totally downscale, jeans and hoodies, to upscale silk and satin (no gowns however - I draw the line at gowns...)

Acorn to Oak said...

Beautiful! And, so wonderful to finish a project and be so happy with it. :-) Can't wait to see the skirt and read all about it.

Brendaknits said...

Marie, that wrap is stunning. Or maybe it's the svelt model in her high heels and long gown that is stunning. Either way, you are certainly a 'knock out' in that ensemble.

Lisa R-R said...

Looks terrific! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Rue said...

Gorgeous wrap! You'll have fun wearing that one.

Wardrobes are funny aren't they? I flip flop between yoga pants with a sweatshirt or fleece and dressy work wear. Getting to dress up a bit was one of the fun things about going back to work.

Stephanie said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you got all dressed up to take pictures of your FO! It's beautiful. I can only imagine wrapping up cosily in it before going out.