I Can't Explain It!

I just couldn't wait to tear that sweater apart.

Such destructiveness is really not in my nature. Normally Laurie's comment that the single ply might not be up to the stress of ripping would make me abandon the project altogether. Instead It made me more keen to try it out see what would happen.

Without a word of exaggeration, I read her comment and went straight down to the Laundry Room, grabbed the scissors and started with a sleeve. I ripped out the seam from the cuff up to the underarm and then back down to the hem. Then took it off the sweater and started to frog.

It was a little sticky as the yarn clung to itself a bit but otherwise it was no problem.

Then I undertook the neck.  The seaming there made it more fiddly but its done and today I'll move on from there!

I'm finding the process strangely enthralling. Maybe its because I don't feel like I'm loosing a sweater. Rather, I'm gaining yarn, a knitting project and ultimately a new sweater?

I don't know for sure but as the old saying goes..."If it feels good, do it!".

It does.

So I am!

I'll keep you posted!


LaurieM said...

Uhm... glad I could help?


LynS said...

Such courage! I think I need to remember this post of yours and reread it from time to time to inspire me to 'recreate' yarn.

When I was a child almost all of my jumpers and cardigans were knitted from recycled yarn. My mother did a great line in striped garments to maximise the yarn she had available.

Brendaknits said...

Hee. Hee. That paints a funny picture. Were you angry?