Back to Summer?

The Weatherman is calling for "summer like" conditions this weekend.  Being Thanksgiving here in Canada I have to admit fall colours, sunny skies and shorts? don't really scream "Turkey and Dressing!" to me but I'm sure we'll enjoy the conditions nonetheless.  (Especially since I don't have to cook the Big Dinner this year!)

I have two more summer projects documented in my "Drafts" file in Blogger but today, with summery weather looming I thought I would share some fiber-related aspects of this past summer and save the FO posts for next week...
One afternoon in August as I sat knitting on the dock I suddenly realized how many twisted strands of fibre (okay rope but still!) surrounded me there.

My Beloved is a great believer in the power and proper application of knots. Many cottage evenings he sits with a Knot Book (or two!) learning or sometimes practicing new ones to use around the cottage or when we tow or transport things.
Of course knots are a necessity around boats and docks...just look at all these applications...
Flag hoisting line on the Flagpole

Hand tied Noose Knots keeping Number One Son and his sunglasses together

Figure 8 around a Cleat

Slip Knot on the Sail Boat

Polypropylene rope on a raft that washed up at our dock - the equivalent of the worst acrylic yarn EVER. It is terrible for tying knots - the only one who liked that stuff was Mr. Dragonfly.

Temporary togetherness between the Crib Dock and the Cedar Swim Raft

...and these are just some of the knots I shot quick pics of that day! Too bad I never thought to snap a picture of the wooden box in the dock house that holds his rope stash! I am told you never can tell when you will need a little piece or rope so it pays to keep every little scrap you find and of course keep fresh fresh new stuff in a variety of sizes on hand hand as well. Does that sound familiar!

Whatever your weather and plans for the this weekend, I hope you have a great one. If you are celebrating it this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for dropping by!


Rue said...

That's a great collection of summery shots! I kept coming back to the first one and thinking, "I wish I knew how to tie that one."

Brendaknits said...

Great photos. Was your beloved a boy scout?

Tina said...

I love these pictures, too. Great deatailed knots and the dragonfly is just special!