Bermuda Shawl FO

Yarn: Viola Superwash Merino Fingering
Colour: Graphite
Needles: 4mm circular
Start: May Finish: July 10, 2011
Modifications: Added 2 repeats of lace chart per side of shawl

This is my first honest to goodness triangular kind of lacy shawl and I can now certainly see why many knitters so enjoy knitting them!

Unlike the epic pieces I see on other knit blogs, this one is pretty straightforward and so a good place to start (at least for me!)  Its mostly stockinette with a 34 row lace edging. Easy even for me with my chronic wandering brain ever missing this yarn over and that skpsso!

Although I did put effort into blocking it, I can see how the end result can be so closely tied to the amount of care put into that step of the process. My edge is kind of woggily so despite using every T-pin and all the long blocking wires I own and even spritzing it with water after it was all pinned out I guess I could have/should have done better.

This tutorial by Eunny Jang (in a blog post from December '06!) covers the basics I guress I should have gone beyond the "basics".(As an aside, does anyone else ever wonder what Eunny might have done or direction she might have gone had she not become editor of Interweave Knits and instead maybe did a Ysolda-type or Brooklyn Tweedy thing?) 

Anyway I plan to get a lot of wear out of this piece next autumn and winter so I'll be laundering it before too long and so be able to try to do a better job next time.

Really though, this project is about the yarn - the colour of the yarn! From a distance its a cool, ashy brown with a bit of grey...

But look closer and you see the Robin's Egg Blue...

Look at those shots of rusty red that warm everything up so much, add depth and keep the overall impression from becoming just a cold shade of brown... 

 And check out that shot of brilliant turquoise!

How does the woman behind "Viola" yarns get all these colours and that single little turquoise shot into a hank of brown yarn? Its so unexpected and it works with no small measure of sophistication;. (I'm also kind of thrilled it made it into that cast off edge right at the tip of the triangle!)

Yet at its base its a handsome, no nonsense Brown and I love the way that takes the edge off the fussiness of the lace. I just know its going to go with a ton of things in my autumn and winter wardrobe. Its already gone very very well with my coffee this morning!
I'm so glad I took the time to rip back, add repeats to better use up all the yarn and then knit it correctly.

I'm also glad you dropped by to see it! Thanks so much for coming over!


Lorraine said...

I am addicted to shawls- there are so many gorgeous ones, and yours is amazing. The pattern and the yarn are perfection.

Acorn to Oak said...


Lupie said...

So amazing!!!
I have a hard time with lace but you inspire me.

Stephanie said...

You've highlighted a few of the things I'm so happy about with knitting. :) This post makes me want to knit a shawl! I haven't even started all the sweaters that are in my queue and already I'm dreaming of cheating on them. :)

Lisa R-R said...

It's terrific!
And also impressive that you finished it so soon after the Frolic.
What's next on your list?
enjoy your summer

LynS said...

I'm so envious of the colour of this shawl. Also, this colour 'anchors' the shawl so that you'll be able to wear it quite casually.

Washable yarn is actually quite hard to block really well. Pure wool that hasn't been treated to make it washable blocks like a dream.

Siga said...

Oh, this yarn you chose is so beautiful. I love the end result and understand you so well when it comes to blocking.

Tina said...

What a beauty! The colour is amazing.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely STUNNING! Great job. (And I, too, wonder that about Eunny!)

Sandra said...


Rue said...

Lovely! What a wonderful first shawl! I'm glad you had such fun knitting it. And no wonder, with such a fabulous yarn.

purplecatlady said...

You are an amazing knitter. I thought I was fairly experienced in knitting and I've started two different triangular shawls. One was Herbivore and it kicked my butt, so I ripped it out and started on this one. I'm on row two of the lace chart and my count is off by one stitch. Grrrr - heading down to my LYS tomorrow for help (I hope). Your shawl is gorgeous, love the colorway, it reminds me of one from a Woolgirl sock club kit.