Another Weekend...

...another U-Haul trip.

This Sunday we headed north east of Toronto to the Haliburton Highlands where My Beloved's sister has just moved into her first cottage. This sister, the mother of last week's furniture recipient in Goderich is in desperate for furniture for the new place so we headed up to drop a few pieces off  Parking cars in our garage is getting closer by the week!

We are quite unfamiliar with the area. As the name suggests, the area is very hilly and with all the trees just leafing out it was a very pretty drive. The hills and turns combined with the rough ride brought on by the loaded trailer made knitting impossible so I did just look out the window and enjoy the scenery

The day started out rainy but eventually the sun did shine.

As we headed home after an early dinner I found myself snapping photos of the sun setting. Not because it was a particularly beautiful sun set but rather because the notion of sunlight has been such a rare commodity this spring it was almost novel to see and feel it!

Although we didn't aim to do so, we did hit the stretch of the 400 Highway right beside Canada's Wonderland Theme Park just in time for the 10:00 pm fireworks show.

We were, however, aiming to drop Number One Son at a party. The "fun" never stops in high school- especially for the parents!

Saturday and Monday were spent catching up in the garden. I should qualify that statement though because we are in no way actually "caught up" - just closer to being that way soon I hope.  We'd better be, our very late cottage opening is a couple of weeks away and once that happens the outdoor work more than doubles!

Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

Marie: Ontario is famous for its 'cottage country'. I remember trips on the 401 with friends to get up to Collingwood. I decided that if we ever had a cottage, I would not want that drive on Fri. evenings!! Here in BC, at least on the Island, most people have a ski chalet on Mt. Washington (20 min drive from our house) and a boat. I do not know of anyone with a cottage. However, my parents had a cottage in NS and I remember the joys of weekends on the lake! Enjoy your cottage - should be some knitting time then. Peg

Rue said...

Gorgeous photos! I always love reading what you've been up to, especially when it takes me several days to get caught up on blog posts. Rowan is taking a super-long nap right now. So long that I had a chance to cook a real lunch and sit down at the computer. If she stays asleep even longer, I'll pull out my knitting!

LaurieM said...

Nice fireworks shots!

Lorraine said...

You got to see the fireworks.

My family has had cottages in Haliburton for years- ours was near Minden, and now my brother has a wonderful place there.

It's gorgeous- and don't forget next time to stop for Ice Cream at Kawartha Dairys on Highway 35.