• Just saw the teacher line up for this year's Sock Summit - I recognize 5 of the 60 teachers as being from Toronto - this is one great knitting city! (The teachers are of course Show Organizer Ms. Pearl McPhee herself, Denny McMillan, Kate Atherly, Amy Singer (founder of Knitty) and the incomparable Fiona Ellis.
  • Last night's DKC meeting featured the usual parade of incredible knits in show and tell, great door prizes and then a really helpful talk about the features of Ravelry - I use Ravelry all the time but I learned a bunch of new tricks in the course of the presentation. I think the most amazing thing the 120+ knitters in attendance saw though was a shadow knitted wall hanging (4'x4') replicating Andy Warhol's famous work "Marilyn". It was so outside the box and so brilliantly executed it was a real inspiration to see. Aaaand Cristina Simionivici who conceived and knit the hanging is teaching two classes at the DKC Frolic - one of which is shadow knitting!
  • I'm registered for a class on Frolic Weekend Sunday on Tvaandstikkning Mittens - can't wait!
  • During the meeting I finished my Merino Lace socks. (FO post tomorrow I hope.)
  • My next goal is to finish the Saddle Shoulder Tee in time to wear to the Frolic. Once that project is out of the way my knitting basket will officially be EMPTY! (Really can't wait for that!)
  • I have a parallel goal of coming up with a project for a Monday night "craft" gathering to which I've been invited. I don't know anyone on the guest list other than the woman who organized it and if her skill level is any indication of the caliber of those attending I must have been added to the guest list for comic relief. I've offered to bake something and bring it along to share - I'm a better baker than knitter so I'm hoping whatever I take along will create a sufficient diversion that my actual craft stays under the radar.  I know, left to my own devices I can produce acceptable stuff but doing so on something portable and in a room full of accomplished strangers with whom I'm supposed to interact adds a whole other level of difficulty.
  • And then there's Easter. Just for fun and variety I think I'll clean and decorate the house and front yard, bake a bunch of stuff, cook and serve a big dinner and then clean it all up. Nothing like a "holiday" weekend. Oh well, 'good thing I have knitting to think about amid the domestic "festivities"!
Thanks for dropping by!


Rue said...

An empty knitting basket? You'll have to tell me what that feels like. I don't think I've had one since I learned how to knit (especially if you include half-finished projects that I no longer acknowledge).

Sounds like you have a lovely schedule ahead of you - enjoy!

LynS said...

Envy, envy, envy - both for all your wonderful Toronto knitting activities and the prospect of an empty knitting basket.

How extraordinary that we both have tulips in our houses just now - even though out seasons are out of kilter with each other.

Lisa R-R said...

Yes holiday weekends can turn out to be not much of a respite.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Frolic!
Today finally felt like spring might stick around.
Lisa R-R

Lorraine said...

I adore tulips- so pretty.

Brenda said...

Your tulips are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the Saddle Shoulder tee. Hope the weather cooperates so you can wear it.