On the Road Again

Another weekend, another road trip.
We headed west from the city this week to get our snow tires taken off in My Beloved's home town out in the middle of some of the best farmland in Ontario.

In the course of our day long jaunt we picked up local meat for our freezer in the city, had lunch with family and visited a Maple Syrup Festival. There we enjoyed the fiddle and step dancing show, naturally picked up a liter of syrup but also homemade butter tarts for the trip home, fresh local eggs, honey, beeswax candles and the handmade natural soap we use at the cottage.

This is our custom for the Spring run up there.  The quality of the products is outstanding, its nice to support the local farm community and it sure simplifies grocery shopping here at home when I have so many products already on hand.

The evening at home featured working on my sock and watching a great ball game on TV between the Jays and Angels. The extra innings were fabulous to pass the time until Number One Son et.al. were ready for pick up from their party early Sunday morning.

Surprisingly Sunday yielded no knitting time at all - it was just one thing after another - so sock completion didn't occur. It sure felt like Spring finally arrived though!

All in all it was a very nice weekend -'hope yours was too - thanks for dropping by!


Brenda said...

How did the trainee do with the driving?

Sandra said...

there is something special about farm fresh stuff. We try to support them as much as possible through the summer - farm stands on the way to the cottage, and the farmers market in our town. We have an "honour system" egg place on the way to the cottage - if they're not there, the eggs are in the fridge, leave your money in the box. Best. eggs. ever.

Rue said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I've really got to look into more of the local options outside the city here. But for now, I'm eagerly awaiting the farmers markets starting up next month.

LynS said...

What a coincidence - I also spent the weekend on a roadtrip to the country with purchases of wonderful local produce. Though here, of course, it's early Autumn and I had my first experience for the year of colder weather.

Tina said...

This really sounds like a wonderful weekend! And it is clear that Spring can't hide any longer!!!