Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Could that actually be new FO's having a pre-blocking "SOAK" chez Sel and Poivre?

"FO" being plural?

In fact it is! Of course if they're all in there together it isn't a pullover or an afghan but it does mean January 2011 has seen the end of the 2010 Sel and Poivre FO drought that started last July!

Its been a long hard slog back to some knitting productivity...surprisingly hard. I couldn't get it all together to knit and blog and take photos so I've just been trying to knit every day - even if its only a little. Its amazing how that eventually adds up!

So this morning I'll channel Patrick Madden - the finishing class I took with him at a DKC workshop utterly changed the way I block my knits - and enjoy the unique accomplishment of producing something (multiple somethings!)  from "sticks and string".

Its a cold sunny morning, the house is empty except for me and my cream coloured side kick and I feel like I'm close to being back on top of things in my little domestic world. After months and months of lurching from one huge unwieldy challenge to the next that feels pretty darn great!


Lorraine said...

I have been through a few knitting funks- and I'm glad yours is over. Welcome back.

MamaMidwife said...

Looking forward to seeing your FOs!!

Aline said...

well, you are a new mum to that bundle of cream joy (what a cutie!) so don't be too hard on yourself. It is nice to have something to blog about though...I know the feeling. :)

LynS said...

I'm looking forward to whatever it is that emerges from the soaking and blocking. It's good to have you knitting - publicly - again.

Anne Campbell said...

Looking forward to the big reveal! That is a darling picture of your charming companion.

Stephanie said...

Ooh, hurray for FOs! Mine are also far between. It's relaxing to knit every day though! Or at least it should be.

Tina said...

Looking forward to seeing the FO's, too! Isn´t it great if something is finally done and ready to be worn! But sometimes "life" doesn`t keep us only from blogging but also from knitting... Your creamy shadow is really cute. Do you do the shearing yourself?
Tina in Germany