In the last three weeks since school started I've had the attitude that if I don't have time to knit, I don't have time (or fodder) to blog and If I don't have time to blog I don't have time to read anyone else's either.

With a couple of posts under my belt by yesterday I finally felt I could do a bit of "visiting" and after starting to catch up with my list of favourites I was struck by how much impressive stuff has been going on while I've been away. (And I've only been able to catch up on a few so far!)

For example...
  • Brenda launched a sock book she co-authored with Deb Gemmel
  • Cheryl has been knitting and felting and weaving and decorating and travelling and taking photos of it all!
  • Les launched 4 more adorable children's hat patterns into the world
  • The ladies at Passionknit cranked out more knitted skirts than I knew patterns existed for. 
  • Girl Who Knits finished a sweater that she just loves in every detail and every way (how often to you read about an FO like that?) Unconditional satisfaction can be a rare knitting commodity!
  • Sandra has had an unbelievable output of knits and sewing and jewelery.
  • Stephanie has been the University student equivalent of Sandra - output galore but with studies.
  • Laurie became a telecommuter and started spinning.
  • Elizabeth is changing the way she eats and adding regular exercise to her life!
  • Glenna ran her first half marathon
  • Rea passed the Bar Exam!!!!
Its a pretty diverse and impressive list isn't it?

Congratulations all around (especially on that Bar Exam Rae!)!

Thanks so much for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!!!

elizabeth said...

Eeek! I'm sitting here eating a cupcake and feeling SO guilty now! But hey, I had a flu shot today and needed a treat. :o)

Rue said...

Thanks! That's quite a group to be in - I think I'll go grab a piece of apple pie to celebrate (Elizabeth's comment reminded me that it's time for dessert).

Stephanie said...

Yes - so true! I can't believe how busy I am all of a sudden with school work. I promise I'm also knitting a bit though, just not blogging as much. Still, it's working out great. :)