'Popping In for A "Moment"

Well that wasn't very nice of me to just post an FO and leave town was it?

It was very very nice though to come home to an inbox full of lovely comments! Thank you all so much for your kind words and especially for taking the time to leave them!
I've been away at the cottage for a couple of weeks...this is my view when I'm knitting on the dock, which has not been often for a variety of reasons.

I'm in town for a few hours today and right after dinner we are headed back up with clean laundry, fresh groceries, a new sofa bed for the living room at the cottage (very long overdue!), Darling Daughter (finished work for the week) and a friend for Number One Son (the first time he has deigned to invite someone up - it should be interesting!).

Whatever you've been up to this first couple of weeks of summer, I hope you're enjoying it!

Again, 'sorry for just dropping out of the picture like that!

(FYI for anyone new to this little blog, in summertime my domestic base of operations shifts a couple of hours north of the city to our wee little summer cottage by the lake. The road ends at the opposite end of the lake from where we are so we make the final bit of the journey by boat. Once there we have no television or internet, no private telephone line...really nothing electronic or digital other than the camera.  There really isn't even any cell service.

I do come to the city at random intervals and try to post when I do - I'll have pictures to put up on my next visit!)

Happy Summer Knitting Everybody!


Anonymous said...


nicoliebee said...

The view is beautiful!

Michele said...

So far this summer has been much warmer and sunnier than I remember last summer being. Hopefully it will continue to be so nice. Enjoy!

PS my verification word is so incorrect, it is 'impure' such an incorrect word for time on an island with no electicity, tv, telephone, computer etc LOL

Lorraine said...

Alas, it has been too hot to knit.

I hope it's cooler up at the cottage.

Stephanie said...

Hope you're having a great summer! :)

Michelle said...

Happy Summer! Enjoy!

elizabeth said...

Have a wonderful time! Your cabin sounds like the setting for one of Margaret Atwood's novels (whose name escapes me at the moment)!

Lisa R-R said...

I think the cottage is likely an excellent choice during Toronto's smog alerts.
I took all of last week off from cycling, and this week only cycled 3 of 5 days.
Hope the knitting goes well up there!

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Tina said...

What a great view while knitting! You are lucky to have such a great place! I think I should take my knitting to the pond and pretend I am away on holidays :-) just kidding, I love being at home for my holidays and knit a bit in the garden and ride my bike for 2 minutes for a swim in the pond.