Eye Candy Friday

This was on the wrapping for one of the prizes I won a couple of weeks ago.

Stephanie (Sunshine Soapbox) who packed up my prize spent a University term in Europe last year and shared a wee bit of it in the mail with me! I love the look of this stamp, especially now in April - the month that most evokes the essence of Paris for me so I've got this shot as my wallpaper today.

I finished the knitting on Minimalist last night. I'm out this morning but 'hope to get the blocking done this afternoon. I'm looking forward to diving into this pile of deep blue.
It'll be a nice change from all the softer colours I've been working with over the winter!

Thanks so much for dropping by today!


Rue said...

That's a gorgeous blue! What are you planning to make with it?

Acorn to Oak said...

That stamp is cool! What did you win?

elizabeth said...

I'm Paris dreaming too! I guess it was seven years ago that a good friend and I went to Paris. We arrived on poisson d'avril, had glorious weather and incredible food. I love Paris. I can't wait to go back!

Anonymous said...

oooh, beautiful blue!