'Tis the Season!

I like referencing the season outside with what's going on inside the house , trying to coincide seasonal shifts in decor and menu around the Daylight Savings Time change.

So its fitting the knitting I'm currently engrossed in is sunny yellow and all over seed stitch!

My continental technique, which I'm sticking to for this project is starting to feel less spastic. I'm able to execute it while starting to focus on relaxing my wrists and arms which I find is critical to avoiding soreness from overuse. Right now I'm suffering from tennis elbow on my right side so I'm trying to be very sensitive to only knitting until my body says enough. I find knitting with the weight of my arms hanging as straight down from my shoulders as possible while keeping the effort of my hands to a kind of swinging back and forth motion to be the best.
Also taxing on the sore arm, but at this point no less compelling, is the garden. This morning I did some rudimentary raking of the deadfall scattered about the lawn and cut down some of the dead perrennial stalks I leave up over the winter to protect the crowns of the plants while providing interest in the snowy winter garden.

I left the Pea Tee Pees (try saying that three times fast!) in the ground last fall so as to be ready for the earliest possible start to pea season this spring. Tomorrow I'm hoping the soil might be ready to accept my first planting.

Tonight my mother's coming over to watch the Rick Mercer Report with us (the kid's were at the taping last week) I'm thinking baked ham, hot mustard, scalloped potatoes with thyme and garlic, creamed corn, spring greens salad, stewed rhubarb (the last in the freezer from spring '09) and coconut macaroons. Yes, generally speaking I do like to start making dinner by preparing dessert!

Yep, I'm feeling very "Springy" all around...dinner included!
Thanks for dropping by today!


Brenda said...

Didn't Robert Frost write a poem called The Hired Man? Your silhouette reminded me of that.

I am jealous of your gardening expertise and more importantly - your motivation. I dream big, but execution 'pea'ters out.

LaurieM said...

Hmm... sounds like a lovely homecooked meal.

What were the kids doing on the Mercer Report?

Tina said...

Finally! I too love to show in different “regions” that spring finally has come! I am so looking foreward to the gardening season, my second one.

Lorraine said...

I love Rick Mercer.

The Kids in the Hall- loved that.

I'm going out today to start the yard clean-up.

Sandra said...

I leave my perennial stalks up for the same reasons (that, and I'm too lazy to cutthem down in the fall...) I should really get out this weekend and do some raking as well - it's looking a little bleak right now, but always looks so much better when freshly raked and ready!