'Talk about a Nightmare!

4:00 a.m. today found me awake for the second night in a row with burning pain in my right elbow.  Pain woke me but what kept me awake was the thought of what might be causing this issue to persist. (Its 4 months now since I developed this latest case of "tennis" elbow (my 2nd) cleaning around and atop my oven last December. (Is there really anything more glamorous than the life of a full time homemaker?)

Anyway, what if knitting is preventing this thing from clearing up? What if knitting is making it persist? What if I have to stop knitting for a while? What if I can't garden either? What if I have to save whatever capacity I have in that arm for scrubbing and mopping and polishing and window washing just ahead in Spring Cleaning (oh yeah, all glamor, all the time!)? And I can't just leave it until I'm feeling better because as soon as its done here, I'll need to do it again when we open the cottage in a month or so. And...


I cannot entertain the possibility. So once awake in the light of day, with my little family back to their regularly scheduled programming I decided before I indulge in full blown panic, I need to get back to basics myself. Our March Break staycation was a nice departure from the regular routine but maybe enough is enough and my body - specifically my elbow is just trying to tell me that.

In that spirit I have today already done my walk, eaten properly, had several large glasses of water, iced the elbow and now have my brace on it. I am trying to use my left arm as much as possible and thereby resting the right.

I have also opened up all my cases of yarn and arrayed them around the Laundry Room to allow for needle free knit-related daydreaming and scheming. (Mental attitude is also important!)

My hope is with better overall attention to my health and wellbeing and particular care with my right arm I'll allow the thing to heal or be less inflamed or whatever it has to do to stop hurting!

The second nightmare, at least if you ask my little family is that "there is nothing to eat in this house" and you know what, I pretty much have to agree with them. The kitchen and pantry look like they've suffered the human equivalent of a plague of locusts. (Another thing I took a "holiday" from last week was grocery shopping!)

So to keep my 15 year old boy from having nightmares tonight about starving I'd better see to that too!

Thanks for dropping by today! Happy third day of SPRING!


Sandra said...

I go through this with my wrist every now and then. About every fourth or fifth flare-up I see my doc just to make sure I'm not doing any irreversible damage. SO far, so good.
But if you have a good chiropractor, maybe ask him - it could be a dislocation or soemthing.

Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds a lot like what I had going on in my elbow. Except, I described it as feeling like a razor blade in my elbow...but burning is a good description too. The initial acupuncture treatment made it feel better enough to sleep. The physical therapy helped even more. I'm still working on it but it's getting better and better and I'm able to do more and more. What a relief! Yay! I can knit too. I was very worried about that. I couldn't imagine life with out knitting and other fiber fun! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Brenda said...

I think I have good news for you. I am right handed and all my knitting 'aches' always occur in my left hand/thumb/arm/ shoulder. I am pretty sure your right elbow pain is caused by oven cleaning only.

LaurieM said...

A fifteen-year-old boy is well capable of assisting with cleaning. Especially if he wants to eat.

Nicki said...

How about a little bit of cleaning and knitting, instead of all cleaning!

Lorraine said...

Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence.