Just Plain Fun

With My Beloved away I have hours of uninterrupted time in the evenings to focus on knitting. Over the weekend I put that time to use on starting some mittens for Darling Daughter.

How fun to be able to grab a magazine and a Knitty pattern for reference, a few balls of worsted and some graph paper, make something up and just start knitting!

DD has very petite hands so I worked this first run at the mitts over 44 stitches after decreasing from the 54 I cast on and worked for the cuff which has a very cute set of yo/k2tog eyelets all around it.
I took it off the needles to try on and I'm afraid its a bit too snug so I'm ripping back to the decrease row and redoing it to leave me with 50 stitches which will be about an inch bigger.

So, so fun! I hope your knitting is fun today too! Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

That looks like loads of fun and it's super cute!

Brenda said...

Ah - those nights when hubby's not home. Popcorn for dinner and lots of knitting.