Why Doesn't Every Knitter Blog?

As I caught up with the comments on my Fair Isle FO post I said to My Beloved "why wouldn't I do this blog thing?" What more can you ask for than to have so many other knitters - people whose opinion is informed taking the time to be supportive by acknowledging the fruits of my efforts? Without comments I would still knit. I wouldn't approach my knitting differently or feel any less passionate about it. But I have to say connecting with your thoughts, opinions, ideas and perspectives on it through the comments adds another whole level of satisfaction.

Posting about cutting the steek was also more fun because as I did it and documented it for my post I knew people would be interested to see the process unfold (or heaven forbid, unravel as the case may well have been.) And the fact is, non knitters can`t appreciate what cutting into knitting can mean - but knitters know! Knitters can appreciate it and if you share your yarny tales with them knitters will tell you they do!

This morning when I opened my closet and saw the Fair Isle Cardigan hanging there, ready to wear, I felt good about it. Reflecting on your kind comments made me feel even better.

Thank you so so much...

Julia Michelle Liz Michele China Doll Penny and Tina

...for taking the time to comment!

Before I started blogging I wouldn`t have believed comments could add such a dimension to my knitting when I already loved and valued it so much all on its own. But that`s exactly what has happened - not because I blog, but because you wonderful knitters use the comments to tell me what you think!

Thanks again!


Acorn to Oak said...

I couldn't agree more...knitting is wonderful all in itself but blogging about it and getting comments from other knitters adds so much. And, I have to say...WOW!...to the amount of comments you got on the post of your beautiful, finished sweater! That's so cool! :-)

Lupie said...

We are a family of blogging knitters and crocheters.
That's why I started Lesser Known Skeins on Ravelry.
We suport and inspire each other.

Stephanie said...

Awww! You're right, knitting is more fun with input. Actually I wouldn't be knitting right now if my best friend hadn't taken up knitting in high school.

Of course, "Knitting right now" is relative...

Michele said...

Blogging and Ravelry are my Stitch and Bitch community.
I love seeing what others are doing. Still don't think I'd have the guts to CUT my knitting. LOL
And the nice thing about blogging is going back and seeing how exciting I was at the beginning of a project. :)

Oh, I'm glad you found my knitting blog. I really don't know why I have 3 blogs. I only really write on 2 of them.

Anonymous said...

Your cardigan made me go out and find that issue of Vogue Knitting! Your photos show it off to MUCH greater advantage than the ones in the magazine do - one of the reasons I decided not to get that issue when it was on the newsstand. You changed my mind and I'm thinking that, although this cardigan would not flatter me (I would look *upholstered*), I'm really thinking about a wall hanging or pillow covers....

I love receiving comments on my blog about knitting....or really anything. I love the fact that someone took the time to 1) read my journal(which is what it truly is) , and 2) was moved to say something. I love to connect with people all over....and knitters ESPECIALLY.

OK, ok - back to lurking.