He's Home. He's Safe...

...and here's the yarn!

Pink and Purple,

...more "fleck filled" than "heathered" per se but... "Nice Lady" said it was "local"* and its obviously hand dyed and there's 464 yards of it! Is that enough for knee highs?

*The term "local" is probably a relative one - when I tried to add the yarn (its the Fidelio colourway)to my stash list on Ravelry I discovered that its from a company in Missouri, USA which is only about 2700 kms or so from the store where My Beloved bought it. ("Local" must be a relative term!)

In his defence of "Nice Lady"...
  • My Beloved felt she was perhaps a bit stressed rather than fully irritated serving a male, non knitter while participating in a hands free. long distance cell phone "conference call".
  • He believes that if she is a blogger she may well have also posted about his rather unconventional "visit" to her store.
  • He says after our call ended she tried hard to sell him a full set of Chrome Knit Picks Options complete with travelling case. ("Selling"? No probably just as I suspected - she was contemplating sticking one through his neck!)
  • While she couldn't offer him a single option in yarn for a man's sweater, they did spend a few moments together flipping through pattern books looking for a man's sweater he might like. He did mention he liked one they flipped past called a "Barn Sweater". She agreed that yes, that was a nice one but it wouldn't suit him. When they couldn't find anything in the pattern books she thought he could wear, she tucked a sweater pattern into the bag that she thought he would look good in. He thought that bit of added attention to be a true demonstration of just how really "Nice" a "Lady" she was.
FYI the pattern is for a woman's sweater.

'Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

That's too funny - my DH brought home some local yarn for me from his recent trip away - some Cashmere and alpaca - that lady knew what she was doing!

Acorn to Oak said...

Do you like the new yarn? And, how's the sweater pattern? How sweet of your DH to buy you some yarn. :-)

Sandra said...

I hope this doesn't turn your Belovedoff looking for yarn whenever he travels! (it would turn off mine...)

Michele said...

I love the "Local" yarn your DH chose for you, the colours are beautiful! I wonder if the "Nice Lady" had to drive to pick up the "local yarn"? Maybe that's why she was so "NICE"????

Stephanie said...

I'm grinning at the hilarity, but also shaking my head at this woman - why is she working there? Honestly. Gotta have patience when working in retail.

Lupie said...

She sounds like a why to teach future Yarn store owners how not to be.
The yarn he brought back is beautiful and tweed would always be my first pick.
Glad he is home safe!
I know what it is like my husband often had to take trips for work. It made me crazy.

Brenda said...

Funny. Nice yarn though.

Tina said...

Nice yarn – not my colours but it looks so soft and I love the flecks – have similar ones in the Knitpicks yarn I am just knitting up in my mystery socks as you might have seen.
“Local” sounds good and you buy it – when you find out about how “local” you are far away and wont complain… Sad to use this as an advertising tool if it isn’t really true.